Actual content access.
Personally picked by AI
Real-time AI training
  • Artificial Intelligence picks what you want to see in real time.
  • Every bound between content objects is also accounted by AI.
  • Collaborative filtering gives a personalized result for every user.
  • AI integrates with your possible interests, preferences, and hobbies.
  • After every swipe AI gets smarter, so content becomes personalized.
Endless Content Stream
  • Just swipe until you are ready to stop. You won’t :)
  • An infinite flow of stories, articles, images and even more.
  • This content rush that will never end grows up with your swipes.
  • Stop choosing and switching different sources. All is done for you.
  • You will find dozens of things you like. Just share with your friends.
Multiple sources
  • Lots of supported countries and languages. We hope you’ll find yours.
  • News articles, photos, and various stories. Choose what you like or not.
  • All the sources you prefer are accompanied by a lot of new content fountains.
  • Those are approximately 1 million content units per day. 41 thousand per hour.

What people are saying about us

Check out some thoughts of our users.

Jimmy Wordskin 21 Mar 2019
Just downloaded and I liked it.

Everything was clear after some swipes. The interface is simple, but intuitive. It seems to me that content is rather interesting: actual news, gorgeous images.

Alex Pondy 29 Mar 2019
Addictive app

Swipe left, swipe right this process is really addictive. 1,5 hours have been spent unnoticed. I would like to see more sports news sometimes. It is a great time killer though.

Let us tell you about Slap in general

The problem of the modern digital world is content. There are a lot of sources which you choose to get news and photos, but most of us don’t know what to select. We lose things that could be interesting and even helpful. Slap Application deals with the problem not alone, but with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

AI becomes smarter with every swipe you make in the application. Two simple swipes. You indicate what is “Relevant” or “Not Relevant” and our AI decides what to show next. Slap saves your time and provides an opportunity to get only the content you want to look at. Swipe, read and share.